High quality, low cost and personalized customer service are our number one priorities in all of our Uplink Company Divisions. Uplink began in 1978 as one service company, Chiminy Cricket Chimney Sweep. Since then we have grown at a steady pace being blessed with many satisfied customers. For almost 9 years, Hart's Hearth has been the largest company in our family with more fireplace, woodstove and chimney supplies being added all the time. All company divisions give the same attention to the highest standard of customer care, quality products, and service that can be achieved.

Hart's Hearth
    Fireplace, Woodstove, and Chimney Supply.
Fireplaces, Woodstoves, Fireplace Accessories, Gas Logs, Chimney Caps, Log Carriers and Racks, Chimney Liner, Metal Class-A Chimney, and So Much More. Fireplace and woodstove accessories come with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. 5 Day delivery guarantee, plus Reward Points!

The "Cotton Patch"
    Cotton is no longer available. This domain is for sale. nbsp;

Completely Stainless
  The newest division of Uplink Companies, Completely Stainless offers only stainless steel products for the home. Most all are imported from Germany and are Produced by SKS Blomus and ZACK of Germany. The Bio-Ethanol fireplace line we carry includes Safretti and Green Planet Fireplaces. All we carry are very high quality designer products.

Uplink Telecom
  Your complete choice in telecommunications. Residential and Business VoIP, Cellular Phones, Voice and Data T1, Local and Long Distance Phone Services, High Speed DSL, Credit Card Offers, plus so much more.  


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We are a Christian Company and conduct business in a Christian manner. A minimum of 10% of all profits made by any Uplink Company Division is placed into the commission of the word and works of Jesus Christ.