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We Now Carry Fireplace and Woodstove Accessories plus Chimney Supplies!

That's right, we call it Hart's Hearth and it is located at
Come check out the high quality supplies that we carry for fireplaces, woodstoves and chimneys. We even sell chimney sweep supplies for you do-it-yourselfers who want to clean your own chimney!

We give FREE online advice!!!
We have received many requests from all over the U.S. for our Chimney Sweep services. Unfortunately we only service Eastern North Carolina. But we DO welcome questions from anywhere about your wood burning device and/or chimney. We will send out your answer by Email and also place it on the forum.
Just go to the Chimney Forum at Hart's Hearth and type in your question, and we will answer it. It's that easy!!

We clean, repair, waterproof, build, and reline all types of chimneys. Including fireplace, wood stove, oil, and gas chimneys. We usually carry, or can order, every type of chimney cap available. Choices are constructed of either stainless steel, or copper. We also sell all types of accessories including , hearth rugs, smoke detectors, fireplace tools, fireplace screens, wood totes, ash containers, log racks, pennsylvania firebacks, and much more at our online store, Hart's Hearth. If you do not see what you need, call and ask, we can most likely get it.

Chimneys should be inspected at least biannually. If you use your woodstove as a source of heat, the chimney should be inspected annually. When we inspect your chimney and fireplace or woodstove, you receive a comprehensive report as to the condition. A dirty chimney is a dangerous chimney!  We have over twenty years experience servicing Chimneys. Cleanliness is assured and estimates are free.

Chimney caps keep out those pesky critters that like to nest in your chimney. There are many a story about wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons, an birds coming down the chimney, getting loose in the house, and wreaking havoc. The caps also keep out rain, which damages your damper that can become quite costly to replace. Chimney caps with screens help keep in flying hot embers such as newspaper, gift wrap and such. Order yours today at our online store, Hart's Hearth

We sell and install Lyemance chimney top dampers.


We sell and reline chimneys with Homesaver Stainless Steel liners.


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