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Note: We service only the Winston-Salem, NC Area

Why Should you call us?
What can we do for you?
How do we charge ?
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Why Should You Call Us?

Low cost and convenience

  Let's say your roof has a few shingles missing and that you need a faucet replaced. You normally would have to call a plumber to install a faucet at a cost of about $50 or more just for labor. You also need to call a roofer to replace those shingles at a cost of about $150 for labor. That would be a total of $200. for these two jobs to be completed. If you call The "Honey Do" Handyman, you could have both jobs done with one call. It would have taken about an hour for the faucet, and about three hours for the roof repair. Which have brought you to a total of only $68. A savings of $132.00!!
These figures are of course estimates. The savings and times could be more or less, depending on your circumstances.


  Have you ever wasted a whole day waiting for a repairman to show up, and they never do? It can  be very aggravating to say the least. When you call The "Honey Do" Handyman, we make an appointment with you so you know when we will be coming. If by chance we cannot make our appointment, we call in advance to let you know if we will be late, or have to reschedule.


  We provide many services, some of which are listed under "What can we do?". We can do all those small jobs that have accumulated as well as taking on the larger jobs. We are there for you, to do as you want us to.
  Note: We have received phone calls and email from all over the U.S. asking about our services, unfortunately we only service Eastern North Carolina at this time.

Call (336) 476-3441 or Mobile: (336) 905-0466


What can we do for you?

Just about everything!!
Ask us, we will let you know if we can do what you need done. You can get an idea from the partial list below.
Roof Repair 

* Shingles replaced 
* Leaks Repaired 
* Flashing cemented
* Gutters cleaned and repaired
* Metal roofs painted 


* Faucets installed, repaired
* Pipes insulated
* Leaks repaired
* New fixtures installed
* Traps cleaned

Mobile Home repair 

* Roofs repaired and sealed 
* Windows caulked / repaired 
* Underpinning installed 
* Drawers repaired or replaced
* Doors repaired / replaced
* Much more!


* Porches built and repaired
* Painting, Staining, caulking
* Steps built and repaired
* Plus so much more!


Call (336) 476-3441 or Mobile: (336) 905-0466



How do we charge?

Our fees the same no matter what the job is you want us to do. It is based on a per hour charge. You determine how many hours you would like us to work.
 You also save money in the cost of materials you need. If we go get the materials, you pay for them just as if you went to the store. We do not purchase what you need and mark it up 100 - 200% like most contractors do. All you pay for is the time to get them.
 We also keep a time sheet daily. On the time sheet you find; hours worked, fee charged, materials bought, daily totals and balances. You retain a copy, along with all the receipts from the materials we bought, and we retain a copy. Payment is expected each day when the work is completed. In the future we hope to accept credit cards, but at this time we do not.

Call (336) 476-3441 or Mobile: (336) 905-0466


Fee Schedule

Minimum Charge...................................$35.00*
Standard Hourly Rate............................$19.00
Senior Citizen Rates
Minimum Charge...................................$30.00*
Discounted Hourly Rate.........................$15.50

  * This charge covers for fuel and the costs that incur when service only calls for a small amount of time. This is not in addition to the hourly rate. In example; 30 min. work- $35.00, 1 hour- $35.00,1 hour 30 min.- $35.00, 2 hours- $38.00

Call (336) 476-3441 or Mobile: (336) 905-0466

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